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Fiacha Moilleathan, King of Munster, and his Munstermen set up camp at Ceann Chláire (Glenbrohane) while Cormac has his camp at Droim Dámhgháire (Knocklong).
The village of Glenbrohane lies along the Northern slopes of the Sliabh Riagh Mountain (466.6 metres).
Sliabh Riagh – Sliabh Rí – The Hill of the King.
The army of Cormac Mac Airt, High King of Ireland was defeated in the area.

glen2There is a stone circle on the hilltop. A group of stones called “The King’s Chair” can be seen. There is an Ogham Stone nearby at Ballingarry, one of the only known Ogham stones in Co. Limerick.
Graveyards : Laraghlawe, Ballingarry and Ballyfroota
Laraghlawe graveyard overlooks the Hill of Knocklong and has the ruins of an early church.
There is a cromlech on the road near Ballyfroota Famine graveyard. A stone wall in the centre of the graveyard is part of the remains of a medieval parish church.

St. Patrick’s Church is a pre-Catholic Emancipation (1829), pre-famine (1845-1847) cruciform church and received the National Heritage Award. The site was donated by to the parish by the Protestant Landlords, The Masseys, in 1819.

Ballingarry Moat.
Lies 2 kilometres east from St. Patrick’s Church, used from about the 8th to the 14th century. Remains of a rectangular medieval house were found on the summit.

At Doonglaura there exists an oval fort with two ramparts. This Norman moat is one of the biggest in the country.
Information Reference : Glenbrohane Heritage Sign erected by Ballyhouracountry.
Research : Bill Power

Ballinvreena is about 3km westwards from Glenbrohane and The Cush prehistoric earthworks are close by.

Wind turbine on Slieve Riagh

Ballyhoura Way Shannon Regional Trails Map

Mountainview Information on Slieve Riagh

Bsllyhoura Cycling Map of Glenbrohane Area

Ballyhoura Way

Ballyhoura Villages of Tradition

Slieve Reagh Walk
From Kilfinane follow the Ballyhoura Way to Ballintubber and on to Slieve Reagh.

There are Wind turbines on Sliabh Riagh

One is an E-70 wind turbine, made in Hamburg at a cost of €3milliom, 100 metres in height, the foundation is 3 metres deep.

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