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Áth Cuile Feá

After wandering about for a week, they left Formhaol on the slopes of Slieve Felim and set out again, reaching Áth Cúile Feá /Áth Croí/Cúil Fheá Formáile that night, their fourth camp.
Áth Cúile Feá is on their route between Slieve Felim and Emly.
Ceathach the druid left the camp and met Dubhfhios Mac Dofhis. Dubhfhios told Ceathach that there would be slaughter because of their march into Munster, and that they will not get tribute from the Munstermen.

The meeting of the Druids was reported to Cormac. He decided not to kill him because when he had tried to kill the druids, his own men had suffered.


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