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Slieve Felim

The third night the army crossed over a stream and made their way into the Slieve Felim (Sliabh Eibhinne) mountains.

Slieve Felim Forestry

Keeper Hill 694 m (2,277 ft) is in the Slieve Felim mountain range in North Tipperary. The area of 3,300 hectares is mainly under forest. The Slieve Felim Way is a 30km walking route from Murroe in County Limerick to Silvermines in County Tipperary.

went past Dubhchoill/Foidh Damhaiche and then to Má Leathaird/Má Tuaisceart, onto Crunn-Mhá/Má Ghabhra, then to Má nUachtair/Má Roighne.
They went into Bocaí Báinfhliucha/Sliabh Eibhlinne and to Formhaol na bhFiann where they set up camp on the summit of the slope of Fermoyle (Formhaol na bhFiann) that night.

hill2That night Céacht went out of the camp to meet Art, the local Druid in the Slieve Felim mountains. Céacht went in a westerly direction towards Dubhghleann/Gleann Salach to meet the local druid, Art.

Céacht explained to Art about the cattle disease and the reason Cormac’s army were marching into Munster. Art assured Céacht that Cormac would not get unlawful tribute from the Munstermen. Art told Céacht to go and tell Cormac’s army that it was a evil thing they were doing.

Céacht did and the army rose up to pursue Art, and headed westwards over the Glen. Art blew a dark magical cloud over them and escaped in the confusion.

Keeper’s Hill

The druid put a sleep spell on them, and they wandered, confused and bewildered, in the area for 7 days and 7 nights.


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