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The Journey to Knocklong / An Turas go Cnoc Loinge

Forbhais Droma Dámhgháire describes Cormac’s journey southwards, through the centre of Ireland, from the Hill of Tara in Co. Meath to the Hill of Knocklong in Co. Limerick. His army travel 210km in 5 days and 5 nights, arriving on the Hill of Knocklong on the sixth morning of travel.

They lose a week due to Druid mischief.

Proposed stops enroute and suggestions

The Hill of Tara
Clonard, Co. Meath
Claureen, Co. Offaly
The Slopes of Slieve Felim
Ath Cúile Feá /Ath Croí
Emly, Co. Tipperary
Knocklong, Co. Limerick
Glenbrohane, Co. Limerick
Return to Sliabh Fuait

Cormac’s Journey

Monday – Comar
Tuesday – Áth an tSlua
Wednesday – Slopes of Formhaol
Thursday – wandering about for a week,
Friday – Cúil Fheá to Druim Meáin Mairtine/Emly
Saturday – Druim Meáin Mairtine to Cnoc na gCeann/Knocklong

(When they arrived in Emly, Cith Mór describes the journey to Meadhrán)

Camp 1 Monday
The first night the army made camp at Clonard. (Comar na gCuan/Comar Cluana hIoraird)

Camp 2 Tuesday
The next day the army continued the march southwards. They headed towards Kilmaine(Co.Offaly, Claureen between Birr and Kinnity (Coill Mhéain) and reached Ath and tSlua/Ath na nIarlann. Here they set up camp for the night.

Camp 3 Wednesday
The summit of the slope of Formhaol. The army made their way into Bocaí Báinfhliucha now called Slievefelim (Sliabh Eibhinne) mountains. They set up camp on the summit of the slope of Fermoyle (Formhaol na bhFiann) that night.  Céacht proceeded westwards to Dubhghleann which is called Gleann Salach, to meet the Druid Art

Camp 4 Thursday
After that, they set out again and reached Ath Cúile Feá /Ath Croí that night. Ceathach went to meet the Druid Dubhfhois Mac  Dofhis at Cúil Fheá Formáile.

Camp 5 Friday
They continued their march and set up camp that night in Emly (Druim Meáin Mairtine / Ardchluain na Féne / Mucfhalach Mac Dáire Ceirbe)

Camp 6 Saturday
Cormac’s army arrive at Knocklong Hill/ Cnoc na gCeann / Droim Dámhgháire

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