The Siege on Knocklong Hill / Forbhais Droma Dámhgháire

In the year 250 AD, midway through his reign as High King of Ireland, Cormac Mac Airt leads his army from the Hill of Tara into Munster to collect extra taxes by force. Cormac is warned by his Druids that his claims are unjust and that his army will be slaughtered. He ignores all advice.... Continue Reading →

The Journey to Knocklong / An Turas go Cnoc Loinge

Forbhais Droma Dámhgháire describes Cormac's journey southwards, through the centre of Ireland, from the Hill of Tara in Co. Meath to the Hill of Knocklong in Co. Limerick. His army travel 210km in 5 days and 5 nights, arriving on the Hill of Knocklong on the sixth morning of travel. They lose a week due... Continue Reading →


In Clonard Cormac's Druid, Cith Rua,  meets Fios Mac Athfhis, the Chief Druid of Leinster. Cith Rua, one of Cormac’s old druids, left the camp that night and went towards the southwest until he met a stream. On the other side of the stream he saw Fios Mac Athfhis from Leinster, the chief druid of the area.  ... Continue Reading →

Slieve Felim

The third night the army crossed over a stream and made their way into the Slieve Felim (Sliabh Eibhinne) mountains. Keeper Hill 694 m (2,277 ft) is in the Slieve Felim mountain range in North Tipperary. The area of 3,300 hectares is mainly under forest. The Slieve Felim Way is a 30km walking route from... Continue Reading →


Kilmaine, Clareen to Áth and tSlua/Áth na nIarlann. The second day the army continued the march westwards towards Beagmhá and Kilmaine (Coill Mhéain) and over the southwest of Meath/Mí until they reached Áth and tSlua/Áth na nIarlann. Here they set up camp for the night. Cormac's Druid, Crotha, left the camp and went to meet Fear... Continue Reading →

Áth Cuile Feá

After wandering about for a week, they left Formhaol on the slopes of Slieve Felim and set out again, reaching Áth Cúile Feá /Áth Croí/Cúil Fheá Formáile that night, their fourth camp. Áth Cúile Feá is on their route between Slieve Felim and Emly. Ceathach the druid left the camp and met Dubhfhios Mac Dofhis.... Continue Reading →


The following day Cormac and his army march the short journey from Emly and arrive on the Hill of Knocklong. They set up camp on the hill overlooking the area. Cormac calls Cith Rua to erect his tent. Cith Rua cannot drive the Alder post into the ground on the hill and warns Cormac that the... Continue Reading →


The army left Áth Cúile Feá and continued their march, setting up camp that night in Emly (Druim Meáin Mairtine / Ardchluain na Féne / Mucfhalach Mac Dáire Ceirbe) Cith Mór meets Meadhrán, the Druid of Meán Mairtine/Emly. Cith Mór left the camp and headed southwest where he met Meadhrán, the Druid of Meán Mairtine.... Continue Reading →

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