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The army left Áth Cúile Feá and continued their march, setting up camp that night in Emly (Druim Meáin Mairtine / Ardchluain na Féne / Mucfhalach Mac Dáire Ceirbe)

Emly Village

Cith Mór meets Meadhrán, the Druid of Meán Mairtine/Emly.

Cith Mór left the camp and headed southwest where he met Meadhrán, the Druid of Meán Mairtine. Cith Mór told the druid that they were heading for Cnoc na gCeann / Droim Dámhgháire the following day. Meadhrán wished the same evil on Cormac’s army that they intended for the army of Fiachra.

Emly Church

From Emly, Cormac’s army could have gone directly to the Hill of Knocklong, crossing the Camoge River. Since the fifteenth century, the castle on the Hill is visible from Emly.
Other names for Emly in “Forbhais Droma Dámhgháire”; Druim Meáin Mairtine,  Ardchluain na Féne, Mucfhalach Mac Dáire Ceirbe.
Meadhrán was the Druid of Meán Mairtine
The Eoghanacht, of whom Fiacha (King of Munster and Cormac’s opponent) was descended had political power and influence over most of the province of Munster, including Emly.
The Eoganacht of Munster traced their descent to Míl’s son Eber, and through Áine (of Cnoc Áine/Knockainy), Áine’s father was Fer Í ‘man of yew’
Áine is also known as the daughter of Manannán mac Lir

EMLY is in the barony of Clanwilliam, Co. Tipperary.
The village is situated in west Tipperary on the Tipperary- Limerick border.  It is nine miles from Tipperary town, 15 miles from Cashel and 25miles from Limerick city

The Place-name Emly in the Irish language is ‘Imleach Iubhair’/’Imleach Iobhair’
Imleach means ‘Border’ or ‘Borderland’.
Io/Eo is the Irish for Yew tree.
Imleach Iubhair /‘The Border of the Lake of the Yew Trees.’
Emly was said to have been founded on the edge of a lake, which has now dried up, or been drained.
Information on Emly. Emly church and graveyard contains St. Ailbe’s Cross and Well.
An monument dedicated to emigrants stands in the car park of the church. The Emigrant wall was erected in August 2000.
Information on Emly Civil Parish
The life of Saint Ailbe of Emly
More information on The life of Saint Ailbe of Emly

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